We design spatial experiences. Interiors and museum exhibitions comes to life with textures and light – as we move through different moods and atmospheres in spaces that makes us want to stay.




We develop original architectural ideas and concepts for interiors and exhibitions.

Museum Design

Development and visualization of early stage concepts for museums, buildings and attractions. In our network we collaborate with experts in market analysis, tourism and technical consultants.

Interior Design

Our search for a unique architectural experience makes the starting point for the concept. A strong idea integrates well with the context, and shapes building, interior, furniture design and lighting.

Exhibition Design

The architecture of an exhibition helps communicating the stories and contents. We investigate these concepts in close collaboration with our clients.

Techincal Planning

The technical solution for a museum exhibition includes lighting of artifacts, digital platsforms, climate control and security design. We have a good understanding of different technical solutions, including interactive and responsive systems.

Graphic Design

Graphic design of exhibitions is about working with words and meaning in space, scale and movement. We offer design expertise of signs and graphic illustrations, as well as brochures, catalogues and communication.